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The following information will help you get your child enrolled in camp and help you understand what to expect.

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For parents, sending their kids off to summer camp can be an exciting and nervous experience. One of the greatest things about Pine Ridge Day Camp is that kids get to experience all of the fun of summer camp while still going home in the evenings. We even offer transportation services to make it even easier for you to give the camp experience to your children.

Parent Handbook

Download a copy of the Parent Handbook. Our parent handbook offers all of the information you will need to prepare your child for camp. This includes:

  • Camp Times
  • Contact Information
  • Checklist for Each Camp Day
  • Bus Rules and Policies
  • Bad Weather Policy
  • Medications Policy
  • Lost and Found
  • Equipment Needed
  • Activities
  • Expected Camper Behavior
  • Sample Camp Day

If you have specific questions, please contact us at 256-778-9999.


“Thank you to all Pine Ridge Day camp staff for helping my son S. grow in skills and confidence this summer. He’s a great swimmer now and approaches new experiences with enthusiasm. Many Thanks!”

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