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Camp Groups

campgroups.pngPine Ridge Day Camp in Somerville, AL holds several summer sessions for campers ranging from four-year-olds to children who have completed the eighth grade. In addition to the regular summer camps, there are also equestrian camps and camp sessions for children with special needs. There is even a camp session for teenagers interested in becoming camp counselors.

Below are brief descriptions of the different camp groups.  If you additional questions, contact the Pine Ridge Day Camp staff at 256-778-9999.

Bambies (4-5 year olds)

Bambies are 4 or 5 year olds as of June 1. Bambies sample the fun and excitement of most camp activities, carefully adjusted to their skill level. Swim lessons are offered daily. Group sizes averages 5 campers per counselor.

Pioneers (K-1st Grade)

Pioneers have completed kindergarten or grade 1 by the beginning of camp. Each camp "family" has 6-8 campers led by a counselor. Pioneers structured program permits them to engage in a wide variety of activities and develop basic skills. Swim lessons are offered, and free swim time is a part of the Pioneers program.

Voyagers (2nd-3rd Grade)

Voyagers have completed grades 2 or 3. Each camp "family" has 8-10 campers led by a counselor. Voyagers program allows them to explore and engage in a wide variety of both new and familiar activities.

Rangers (4th-5th Grade)

Rangers have completed grades 4 and 5. A counselor leads each "family" of 10-12 campers. Together they embark on carefree adventures. Rangers have daily opportunities to choose activities.

Buckskins (6th-8th Grade)

Buckskins have completed grade 6 through 8. In addition to participating in traditional camp activities, these older campers seek challenge and adventure out of camp. Camaraderie and lasting friendships grow quickly when pursuing these challenges.

Appaloosas (Equestrian Camp)

Appaloosas will spend the majority of their days with the horses and equestrian staff. This program is designed to teach campers both basic and intermediate horsemanship skills. This program is only available in session A or B. The minimum age for this program is 8 years of age. We will offer both a beginner/intermediate class and an advanced class. This program is limited to 11 registrants per program.

Counselors-in-Training (9th Grade+ and 15 years old or older)

Counselors-in-Training is limited to campers who have completed 9th grade and are at least 15 years of age. CIT will be taught the skills necessary to become future camp counselors. This program is only available in session A or B.


“Thank you to all Pine Ridge Day camp staff for helping my son S. grow in skills and confidence this summer. He’s a great swimmer now and approaches new experiences with enthusiasm. Many Thanks!”

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