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Why We Do What We Do

Posted by on 3rd Mar 2016

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

This quote is powerful and extremely true in the camp industry. Yes, parents want to send their children to a camp that can provide them with experiences in activities such as zip lining, rock wall climbing, archery, fishing, canoeing, and many others, but what they are truly interested in is why we do what we do. At Pine Ridge we understand what life can be like for you. You work hard to provide for your children. Your schedule is busy. Your children’s schedules are busy. Some days you can’t even remember what day it is. We have all been there, right? The summer months can be a stressful time for parents. You want to make sure your children have fun and are being cared for properly. Why not send them to camp?

Picture this: you send Johnny to Pine Ridge. You drop him off at the bus stop and he climbs aboard the big, blue Pine Ridge bus. He’s a little nervous because it is his first time going to camp and he does not know anyone. You’re slightly hesitant, but know that Johnny will be just fine. A counselor assures you that he will have a blast and will make friends. You watch the bus pull out of the parking lot and move on to your daily routine. Later that afternoon you wait for the bus to arrive so you can hear all about Johnny’s day and the fun that he experienced. You spot him as he makes his way off of the bus…with the biggest smile on his face! He runs to you and is excitedly talking as fast as he can, telling you everything that he did today. “I had so much fun! Today I got to canoe and climb the rock wall! It was the coolest thing EVER! Plus I met this other new kid, David! We were both pretty good at hitting the targets at the slingshot range! Plus, our counselor is so cool! I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!” He may even hug you (as long as you’re not embarrassing him, right?).

Camp changes kids. Period. On many occasions, campers come to us lacking in self-esteem and leave camp feeling confident in themselves. The noticeable change in them is one of the best experiences that I can ask for as a camp professional. This is why we do what we do. It’s not to say that we have the best and coolest activities. It’s not to bring in revenue. It’s not to say we have the best staff. These things may help, but it’s not our end goal. We do what we do because we love seeing the lives of campers change, creating memories, and forming lifelong relationships.

Below are just a few testimonies that prove the importance of why we do what we do:

“You guys are really awesome. My girls loved camp and can't wait to go again next summer. *Alice gained so much confidence in such a short time…Have been telling everyone we know about camp!”

“Our family has been with Pine Ridge forever! *Lucy went from K-10th and *Andrew has gone K-8th as well. My kids have always had fun but I have to say this was the best year ever. Everyday *Andrew would get in the car and I would receive a 10 minute rundown of the day’s activities. He loved their home in the woods, the building a sailboat out of a canoe, the games, Marco Polo in the pool and so much more. I asked *Andrew why this year was awesome and his answer was L, his counselor. L really bonded with my son […] while pushing him to try as much as possible and in general made sure he had a great time every day”

“She absolutely loved camp! I fully expect her to be back next summer. Thank you for providing a safe, clean, happy, healthy, and super fun place for kids to spend the summer. It sure makes me feel great about sending *Macy there knowing she is having fun OUTSIDE being active. She's with friendly, polite counselors and has healthy options in the cafeteria. Thank you and your staff for all you do and how much you care about it!!”

*names have been changed to protect the privacy of our campers*

To sum it all up, camp is one big family. We look out for each other. Counselors look out for campers. Campers look out for other campers. Counselors look out for other counselors. Campers even look out for counselors. Being part of a community such as camp is extremely important in the development of youth. It helps build relationships, social skills, physical skills, and so much more. So, here is the big question…

When do you want to send your children to camp?         


“Thank you to all Pine Ridge Day camp staff for helping my son S. grow in skills and confidence this summer. He’s a great swimmer now and approaches new experiences with enthusiasm. Many Thanks!”

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